ME SOLshare is a platform provider for reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity access to low-income people in rural Bangladeshi areas. The SOLshare solution is an enabler for innovative, decentralized and dynamic electricity micro-grids which provide solar power to households and businesses and gives people the chance to take things into their own hands.

The key feature of SOLshare is a new kind of charge controller which manages interconnection between multiple households to a decentralized, low voltage DC micro-grid and facilitates electricity trade. To enable electricity trade between SHS users, SOLshare will also offer back-end data management as part of the company’s core activities.

We at SOLshare believe in the principle of sharing. By sharing capacities of electricity generation and storage, SOLshare will enable poor people in rural areas to help themselves out of their situation, create new income opportunities and give them access to modern technologies that will significantly improve their quality of life.