Hannes Kirchhoff
Chief Technical Officer


Why SOLshare? – "Because Bangladesh is the right place to plant the seed for a sharing-based energy access solution. About 20 million people use a SHS in this country every day!"

Hannes grew up in Germany and the U.S. and has lived in South Africa, Tanzania and Bangladesh. He is an energy and process engineer by background and holds a master’s degree in renewable energy systems engineering. Hannes pursues his PhD on peer to peer DC microgrids, is part of the MicroEnergy Research Group (MES) and affiliated with the Department for Sustainable Electric Networks and Sources of Energy (SENSE) at the Technische Universität Berlin. As the CTO of ME SOLshare he is responsible for technology development and operation of our sharing and PAYG platforms. Hannes has worked as a technical consultant for MicroEnergy International (Germany) on a number of projects in Asia and Africa undertaking technology, supplier and value chain assessments. Previously, Hannes worked for CAMCO (Tanzania), Schott Solar CSP (Germany) and the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (Germany).