The SOLbox

The SOLbox is a bi-directional DC electricity meter that enables peer-to-peer electricity trading, smart grid management, remote monitoring, mobile money payment and data analytics.


The SOLbox enables the creation of a DC smart grid, integrating with existing hardware, such as a solar home system or battery and connecting this through the SOLbox with other SOLboxes in

nearby homes or businesses.

The SOLcontrol

SOLcontrol is an innovative charge controller for Solar Home Systems (SHS). The device offers an easy to understand user interface and all functionalities for users to enjoy their SHS in the best possible way.


Compared to common SHS charge controllers, SOLcontrol allows to manage payments through mobile money. This gives SHS users the possibility to pay instalments from wherever they want, whenever they want.

Research and Development

Our research and development team develops the hardware and software solutions to integrate our power electronics and communication technology platforms needed for our products. 

State of the art technology is assured through our integrated approach, high proximity to the target market and the national and international relations with academic and industrial research laboratories in Bangladesh, Germany , Singapore and the U.S. among others.

Data Solutions

Our data solutions team develops and maintains our ICT Systems. This includes the SOLweb - our PAYG and grid management portal, the SOLapp - our payment and user management Android application, and integration with local mobile money providers.

The data solutions team also provides rapid remote technical support and troubleshooting, supporting our field operations team and assisting our customers.


Our production team is able to adapt our supply to the demand in a flexible manner. With distinct production capacities for rapid prototyping on the one hand and batch processes on the other hand we stay dynamic while being able to deliver proven technology at scale. 

A semi-automated quality assurance process enables a short production time of high quality products.

Field Operations

Our field operations team travels all over Bangladesh, providing several services including Training of Trainer, Site Feasibility Assessment, Commissioning and Technical Support.



Our field operations team also explores customers insights, to make our products and services easier and more useful for them. Always positive, they try to put this essence into our electronic devices.