Smart Villages

The Smart Villages concept is engaged in efforts to combat the real barriers to energy access in villages, particularly in developing countries through Information and Communication Technologies. The vision behind this concept is to enable improved energy services and technologies, deliver smarter, inclusive financial services, foster existing entrepreneurial capacity and encourage development through education.

Why Swarm?

Household and micro business in a swarm intelligence network exchange information with each other to achieve a compounding network effect. A swarm represents an active electrical distribution system that can also extend its infrastructure towards the utility grid. When a user’s solar panel is not working, they can still access energy from other users. Like a swarm of bees, the system is resilient to external shocks.



More households can access electricity that could not be reached before


More households enjoy a more flexible,  reliable and cheaper electricity service than before


More households can earn direct income from their SHS by cashing-in what they have fed into the grid